Fertility Joy - Make Your Baby Dreams a Reality​​​​

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Trying for a baby can be one of the most exciting times of your life - but it can also be one of the most overwhelming, frustrating and depressing

​Are you ready, right now:​

  • to make your baby dreams a reality

  • to ditch the overwhelm, frustration and depression of trying to conceive

  • to be guided online at your own pace, in a way that fits in with you and your unique lifestyle 

Then the Fertility Joy Program is for you!  

Designed by Natural Fertility Expert, Lorraine FerrierFertility Joy is a comprehensive system that uses proven methods to naturally make your baby dreams a reality. 

You do not have to worry about a thing

  • Recieve your nine keys to unlocking your Fertility Joy   
  • You get immediate private access to the whole program, but for optimum results Lorraine has made it easy and compiled a week by week plan sent straight to your inbox.  

Everything has been carefully thought through using scientific research and ancient methods so you can fully concentrate on becoming mum. 

Now you have a choice...

Fertility Joy is the way forward for you and here are your two options:


Gracious Fertility Joy for those who need some extra support, where you allow Lorraine to midwife your fertility journey with her expertise and support right at your fingertips 


Fertility Joy the comprehensive standalone online journey to make your baby dreams a reality for those who want support but want to do it on their own.  

See below for the exact comparison and decide for yourself which one suits you best:

​You will learn…

check-mark-2-32.pngKey ONE

Fertility Joy: Your Body ​Your Fertility


​​​Learn the number one fertility indicator that most GPs mislead you on

What your natural signs tell you about your fertility fitness empowering you to take full control and awareness of your body's fertility indicators

How to spend less time having sex and make more time for making baby saving your sex life and relationship stress by gaining knowledge of your fertile window to optimise conception. Including why having sex all the time does not necessarily equal a healthy baby


check-mark-2-32.pngFertility Joy: Check In ONE


Personal consultation for you and your partner to learn what's holding you back from having the baby you desire.  Includes diet, lifestyle advice, herbal recommendations and analysing fertility charts during the course and any medical tests you have already had

Three one to one skype calls with Lorraine, totalling 2hr30

Unlimited email support with Lorraine, for the entire program

Find out your fertility joy gem.  Just as the journey to parenthood is precious so are your unique challenges on the road, knowing your category can help you get through any challenges

check-mark-2-32.pngKey TWO

​Fertility Joy: Food Matters for Your Fertility


Foods that destroy your fertility fitness that may be lurking in your kitchen cupboard or on your shopping list

The vital and shocking secret about organic wholefoods

The dark deep scandalous world of bad supplementation and how to avoid them

check-mark-2-32.pngKey THREE

Fertility Joy:  Your Healthy Home is a Fertile Home


The everyday products that damage your fertility fitness.  Shedding the light on the unseen threats within your home that may be stopping you achieving your baby dreams

The surprising connection between your medicine cabinet and conception

How your sexy playtime could be stopping you getting pregnant 

check-mark-2-32.pngKey FOUR​

Fertility Joy: Your Fertility Joy Mindset


Totally obsessed with trying to conceive? The top three reasons to relax into your dream of parenthood.  How to cope when fertility joy is the last thing you feel

How to transform your infertility into fertility joy.  Been told you have a fertility issue?  How to gain knowledge to make this your strength rather than your Achilles heel.

Empower​ing emotional intelligence - transforming overwhelm, tiredness and depression into powerful allies that bring closer connection and clarity to yourself and your loved ones. 

check-mark-2-32.pngKey FIVE

Fertility Joy: Your Fertility Fit Body


How to  strengthen your body by safely cleansing; using the 'detox' to nourish rather than deplete.  No juicing here, just simple wholefood with minimal headache.

Your 10 Day couple-cleanse which boosts your combined fertility fitness giving you the best outcomes for conception​

check-mark-2-32.png​​Key Six

Fertility Joy: Periods - ​Your Most Valuable Fertility Indicator


Why you need to look forward to menstruating each month when you are trying to conceive

How to prevent miscarriage from ever happening to you (or happening again), powerful, proven but simple prevention tips.

The easiest, simplest, happiest way to get pregnant – and it's not how you think!  Why giving your sex life a break is one of the greatest gifts you can give for your combined fertility fitness

check-mark-2-32.pngFertility Joy: Check In TWO


30minute Skype Call.  Remember unlimited email contact for the duration of the program too!

check-mark-2-32.pngKey SEVEN

Fertility Joy:  Celebrating Your Fertility


Spiritual intelligence in your fertility - this might not be something you have ever thought of before but this is incredibly important because fertility joy is all about soulful conception of your child and this is the core of this program is you understanding spiritual intelligence and knowing and understanding yourself and your power on a much higher level.

The importance of honouring where you are; surrendering and releasing your fertility journey so far, including moving forward and through pain with reverence to embrace your fertility joy and pave the way to making your baby dreams a reality ​

check-mark-2-32.pngKey EIGHT

Fertility Joy: Wisdom Revisited​


The shift in gear from fertility to conception.  Discover which skills from the previous 12 weeks that will take you from fertility to conception and why there is a difference.

How to translate your natural fertility signs from your Fertility Joy chart - finding your fertile window in real time.

check-mark-2-32.pngFertility Joy: Check In THREE


30minute Skype Call.  Remember the unlimited email support too!

check-mark-2-32.pngKey NINE

Fertility Joy: Make Your Baby Dreams a Reality


Orgasmic Joyful Conception

Charting time for baby joy; shifting from love-making to baby-making​

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy​

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy​

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Gracious Fertility Joy Fertility Joy

Not only do you receive 13 weeks of Fertility Joy we also add to your program by including things that we know would make a massive difference in your life and also help you with your fertility. 


check-mark-2-32.pngYour FIRST bonus is Fertility Joy: Clear Your Cluttered Mind The highly acclaimed 4 week course worth £249, gifted in its entirety for free.  It's important because: in order to be FERTILITY FIT you must have the Right Mindset along with the Right Health and the Right Wellbeing Strategies 

You will learn…

Time to Recline - Busyness equals laziness: the necessity of making space in your busy day to increase focus, productivity and reduce mind fog overwhelm. 

Be Mindful not Mind-Full:  Harnessing the secret power of mono-tasking to free your time and create vitality, connection and insight in your day.   

Communicate through Miscommunication:  Translate emotions to relate to yourself and others, transforming negative random ridiculous thoughts into powerful allies that bring closer connection and clarity to yourself, your partner and other relationships in your life.

Success = Gratitude:  Be successful- make your baby dream a reality by unlocking gratitude (strands of gold) seen in every situation. ​

check-mark-2-32.pngYour SECOND bonus is Fertility Joy: Group Support Call

​Every other month join me and others on the Fertility Joy Program where I answer your questions about the program.  Anonymous or not, these sessions are invaluable.

check-mark-2-32.pngYour THIRD bonus is the Fertility Joy: After-glow

After your 13 Weeks Lorraine connects with you 1, 3, 6, month email check ins to see your progress on your fertility joy journey

Fertility Joy-letter straight to your inbox

Which Fertility Joy package is for you?

Gracious Fertility Joy is for you if you need some extra support and even more ease and grace in your fertility, it’s where you allow Lorraine to midwife your fertility journey with her expertise and support at your fingertips.  It’s definitely for you if:  

  • Perhaps you have had some medical investigation

  • You may have been told you have a fertility challenge or it's in your family

  • Perhaps you have been referred from another health professional

  • Perhaps been trying for a while without success

    • if you are under 35 and have been trying for a year without success

    • or over 35 and have trying for 6 months without success

  • You are on IVF waiting list (but not starting until >13 weeks)

 Fertility Joy is for you if you are in:

  • Early stages of trying to conceive

    • ​if you are under 35 and have been trying for less than a year without success

    • or over 35 and have trying for less than 6 months without success

  • Not yet approached your doctor

  • Not yet had medical investigation

  • No known fertility challenges or in your family

Please note:  The Fertility Joy Program is not for you if you are undergoing IVF or are about to start IVF in under 13 weeks


So, if you are ready to move forward and you want connect with your fertility joy in a way that not only makes your baby dreams a reality but changes your life in ways that you never thought possible. 


Sign up now!


​Gracious Fertility Joy

ONLY £​2249

Fertility Joy 

 ONLY £949 

make your baby dreams a reality in 2015


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