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Lorraine Ferrier is a dynamic Natural Fertility Expert and creator of Fertility Joy – a pioneering program blending ancient wisdom and scientific know-how that make your baby dreams a reality. 

Over the years, both in the UK and in New Zealand, Lorraine's comprehensive approach has helped and inspired client's to navigate through the overwhelm, frustration and depression of infertility to get the family they desire.

Lorraine's passion for fertility joy comes through her own health struggle - since the young age of 10 – when she began excruciatingly painful periods until her early 30s.  

Years of pain and mis-diagnosis culminated in both depression and weight gain. Her Doctor's ultimatum "It's a choice of either being depressed and overweight due to side effects of the pill or having painful heavy periods and cystic acne," made her determined to heal herself; which she did through studying a three year diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine (2004). 

Lorraine soon realised that she was not alone and that others were suffering unnecessarily, as she had done – this was not good enough.

In 2010 Lorraine won a year's scholarship to study Natural Fertility.  Through her Natural Health clinic and voluntary work on Fertility New Zealand Auckland Committee (2012 to date), Occupy Menstruation (over 17,000 fans) and supporting World Renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner Dr Smita Naram Auckland Clinic (2008 to date) she realised there were 3 reoccurring challenges people face when trying to conceive.  T​his wisdom is the foundation for her Fertility Joy 13 week program and her philosophy of building up your natural fertility fitness.  ​​

Want to start your fertility joy straight away?  

Why not apply for Lorraine's exclusive no-cost gift of a 1 to 1 'Fertility Joy Breakthrough Call​'​ ​