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​​​"Lorraine has an important message for people.​ Her heart-felt approach, guidance and deep belief that everyone can have the life they desire makes quite an impact on you"  

NAME HERE (2).jpgLeading Success Mentor and Best Selling Author, Alexandra Watson

"Lorraine is an exciting new voice, dedicated to nurturing connection and supporting women's well-being"​​

Lucy PearceAuthor of Amazon bestsellers Moon Time, The ​Rainbow Way. ​ ​​NAME HERE (1).jpg

"Your articles are really great - very imformative in a readable, non-scary way and it shows how much empathy you have."  

MFSLogo-website.pngSheila Lamb, Founder My Fertility Specialist Magazine

"Wise woman Lorraine Ferrier skillfully brings both empathy 

and expertise to nourish your well-being and further your goals.  

It's a joy to collaborate with her, learn from her, and to feel supported by her.  

Every woman deserves an ally like Lorraine"​​

Katharine Krueger, founder of Journey of Young Women​ ​​NAME HERE (3).jpg

"I love these fertility communities and am so grateful for women like you who have the passion and courage to stand up for what you believe"  

NAME HERE (4).jpgFertility Joy-Seeker, U.S. via facebook​

"...thank you for sharing your knowledge on the calls these last few days.  I will definitely re-listen as it's a lot to take in.  I already am charting and have been researching a lot about menstruation, fertility etc but I still feel like I've learnt a lot from your calls.  What has resonated with me the most is how much misinformation and confusion there is.  I feel like I'm going through some kind of epiphany these last few months realising how little I have known all these years..."  

​​NAME HERE (4).jpgFertility Joy-Seeker, U.K. via email 

"...I've really enjoyed listening to your talk and learning from you.  

I've been struggling with fertility issues for about 5 years now.  

Thank you for what I have been able to learn.."  

​​NAME HERE (4).jpgFertility Joy-Seeker, U.K. via email